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In the world of the Venalsoul universe, there are two main enemies: Hank Venalis and Dreamaverne. The first ruler of the Chaos Pandemic, the second is the Lord of the Pandemic, while he stands on the side of good and peace. So it is, because he is the main fighter against Chaos. It is with Venalis that a warrior girl named Jeloni is fighting. As the game progresses, she constantly has to look for a place for her base, to work with with the help of her skills and abilities.
Battles take place in the Wasteland, just like in the original world of Killzone - the only boss of which can only be killed by tanks or aircraft. Each has its own style of play - both styles are similar to each other: the technique and tactics are the same, but at the same time it is not too noticeable.
Controls in Venatal Soulu are intuitive, the gameplay is also similar to network action, if translated into the language of computer games. It also has elements such as a vision system (strange cyborgs that do not stand still during the battle, but create problems), monsters that are slow in battle at first glance, but upon closer examination can be very dangerous.
Strategy in the style of "cyberpunk" in the likeness of Space Marine. The game is called Venaal Syndicate.
Game device Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (game console and device) are not supported.
Video card Nvidia GTX 660, ATI Radeon X1950 or better.
Operating system Microsoft Windows 7/8 or higher.
Integrated or discrete GDDR5 650MHz (DirectX) driver.
512 MB of free hard disk space.
Processor - preferably quad-core.
A device that allows you to play.Cost of Venale Sou fe70933767